“The Menace” – Fight Diet

We asked UFC fighter Michael “The Menace” Johnson how he fuels up and cuts down when preparing for a fight. He revealed to us his diet was not the best when he doesn’t have a fight on the horizon but between 4 – 6 weeks away from a fight he is all business including a super clean diet.
 Michael- “I don’t have a set pre and post workout meal because when I go into a training camp I am working out 3 times a day and 6 days a week. I have a grappling/jujitsu workout in the morning, striking in the early afternoon and weights/conditioning in the evening. I just try to eat clean and have enough fuel to get through the day and lose any weight I need to get off. Right now I am 4 weeks out and weigh about 169 lbs. I can lose 10-12 pounds in the next few weeks pretty easy with just diet and workouts. The rest will be water weight cut the day of weigh-ins.”
 Meal 1:
1 egg, 2 egg whites, scrambled   
1 chicken or turkey sausage
White hominy grits with honey
Protein shake, toast and peanut butter (if running late!)
1 Lipo-N-3
2 Lipo-Shred
1 Multi Vitamin
Meal 2:
25 grams Whey Isolate 
Meal 3:
Turkey sandwich on Whole wheat bread
(At home or Subway)
1 Multi Vitamin 
1 Lipo-Shred
1 hour later:
Adrenal Prime 
Meal 4: 
25 grams Whey Isolate
1 apple
Meal 5:
8 oz Grilled Chicken
1 Lipo-N-3
1 Multi Vitamin
Meal 6:
25g Whey Isolate w/ lactose free Milk
½ Cup Brown Rice