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It’s time to break through barriers and set new standards for strength and power in your workouts. Never before has one formula more completely fueled muscle tissue during intense training. Let’s be real for a second, consider this one glaring FACT. What is the total serving size of your preworkout? 5 grams? 10 grams? Maybe 15? KRE-EX® is 25 GRAMS of raw muscle building materials designed for RESULTS!


Overloaded with 6.5 grams of creatine to ensure cell hydration and maximum ATP production. This fusion is buffered to support low acidity levels during training and the highest possible supplement absorption. Creatinol-O-phosphate and Betaine Anhydrous combine with creatine to add more force in each rep you crank out in the gym. Simply put, you will feel stronger the very first time you take KRE-EX®.


This complex of PUMP inducing materials would make an awesome formula all by itself. Over 5 grams dedicated to maximizing blood flow and vessel dilation. Increasing blood flow and volume improves nutrient and oxygen delivery for more endurance lasting deep into the most brutal workouts.


Branch Chain Amino Acids, particularly Leucine turn on the bodies muscle building signals. During workouts amino acids and enzymes are needed to break down glycogen and fats to be used as energy. A serving of BCAA’s taken before your workout gives you the best possible chance for growth and energy production.


Beta-Alanine, Glutamine, and Vitamin C, this powerful combo of amino acids and immune boosting anti-oxidant prevent lactic acid build up and muscle breakdown. The best way to recover is by preventing overtraining in the first place. Feel better longer when you add KRE-EX® to your preworkout routine.


Just making it to the gym isn’t enough. You need to have the focus and energy to put in work while you are there. The natural enerygy fuson in KRE-EX® ensures you will feel like moving some weight and will be able to stay centered on the task in front of you without your heart pounding out of your chest. KRE-EX® is the ultimate preworkout mass maker. You DO NOT want to slam down loads of stimulants when your trying to add muscle! Your heart rate should be elevated because your working your ass off, not because to took to much caffeine!

Stop wasting your dollars on “cheap” formulas that make promises that are too good to be true and leave you still looking for the “next big thing.” Too many formulas out there are no more than caffeine and Kool aid, they taste good and give you a buzz but where are the results? KRE-EX is a result driven formula, no junk, no hype, no expense spared!

Non-Workout Days: Take 1/2 serving with 5-8oz of water or your favorite sports drink.

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