Kristine Duba

Kristine Duba is a top IFBB Professional Fitness athlete. She has qualified and competed in two Fitness Olympia’s, seven Arnold Classic Internationals, has placed in the top five at eight different IFBB Pro competitions, and most recently finished in fourth place at both the Arnold Classic South Africa and the Arnold Classic Australia in 2017.

Kristine got her start competing in both Fitness and Figure in 2012, winning several overall titles in both divisions. She earned her professional status at the 2014 Jr. USA’s by winning the overall in the Fitness division. However, Kristine’s fitness journey didn’t begin in 2012, she has been involved in the fitness industry her entire life! Her parents were powerlifters and avid gym goers from the start. She remembers going to the gym child care until she was old enough to workout in the kids gym with her sisters, performing circuit training on kid equipment. From the age of ten and on, exercise and weight lifting has been a regular part of her life along with sports (gymnastics, cross-country, and track).

Kristine went on to earn a B.S. in Exercise Science, an M.S. in Sports Management, became a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor, and specializes in teaching Cycling, TRX, HIIT, Pilates, Strength Training and Conditioning. Kristine has been helping others reach their fitness goals through personal training, nutrition programing, and lifestyle coaching for over a decade. She also provides competition preparation training, nutrition, coaching and posing for those wanting to take that extra step and compete on stage.

Outside of the fitness industry, Kristine coaches gymnastics, is a military wife, a step-mom, an avid animal lover and fur-mom to two dogs. 

We are proud to be represented by Kristine as she is an outstanding spokeswoman and role model in the fitness and nutrition industry!